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Spirit Moves

Apr 11, 2021

So great to have Raphan Kebe on Spirit Moves Podcast! Raphan was born and raised in Paris, and currently lives in London.  He calls his classes Space & Flow, and the name says it all beautifully. His classes are unique, mesmerizing, and break the mold of what the typical yoga class entails. Raphan is world-renowned for his imaginative somatic movement, his philosophy on life, and his ability to teach to every person, no matter their age, size, or special circumstances. People gravitate to Raphan from all around the world. Raphan has a teacher training and a mentorship program, as well as an on-demand platform of Space & Flow classes. So you can partake in his classes from anywhere in the world. I do!

In this episode, we discuss:

* Raphan's background of music, sports and other movement disciplines

* The meaning behind Space & Flow name

* Raphan's reasoning for moving away from the "traditional" sequences or lineages

* How his ADHD has influenced his creations

* Raphan's philosophy on why movement comes before breathe

* The challenge of moving out of one's comfort zone, both on the mat and off

* He speaks on his saying "free thinking. Free movement"

Connect with Raphan

Instagram @raphankebe