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Spirit Moves

Nov 8, 2021

Such a pleasure to have Laura Jenkinson on Spirit Moves Podcast. Laura is a relationship & spiritual coach that guides many towards their inner acceptance, stepping into their power, and freedom. She started a relationship program called "the Loving Consciously Club", a safe, inclusive, and empowering platform to hold space for people looking to grow in their relationships, both with their partner and with themselves. Her course "The Homecoming: Overcoming Abandonment" is a much needed 7-day course that guides people to touch base with their old heartbreaks & griefs. Moving towards breaking self-sabotaging patterns, and coming back to ease and contentment within themselves. Laura embodies all that she teaches and guides people through, as she has been through her own healing journey, and dedicates her life to showing others the way back home, to themselves. May this episode inspire you to get curious to delve deeper within your being.

In this episode, we discuss:

* The healing journey

* The power of yoga

* The abandonment wound

* 3 Keys to Long-lasting & empowering love

* A relationship mission statement

* What is "The  Loving Consciously Club"?

* Advice for freedom from media & Societal Expectations

* The powerful myth of the Phoenix Rising

* Advice for overcoming overwhelm

* Facing fear for growth - leaving your comfort zone

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