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Spirit Moves

Dec 5, 2021

So wonderful to have Luciana Santaguida on Spirit Moves Podcast. She is knowledgeable, wise beyond her years, and takes her crafts very seriously. Luciana is a sound healer, yoga teacher, Reiki Master, singer, channeler, and the list goes on. She is a life-long learner whose energy can be felt whether in person or through a screen. Luciana is also a teacher of teachers in sound healing and crystal bowls. She is sought after, and a leader in bringing this healing art to the foreground. Luciana is grounded, mystical, wise, and understands the power and responsibility of working with energy. Get ready to have a-ha moments and clarity on all things healing and sound.

In this episode, we discuss:

* Moving towards purpose

* Music and going deep into your soul

* Tools to move through hard times

* Mental health

* What is devotion?

* Follow your joy

* Self-care VS self-love

* Medicine of the healing arts

* The process of evolution

* The importance of teachers & learning

* Gift of channelling and connecting to star family

* Power of crystal bowls and sound healing

* What is next for Luciana

* Celebrating Yoko Ono

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