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Spirit Moves

Dec 19, 2021

I have known of Mimi Young for some time, and have been using her incredible skincare line for several years, but she does SO much more to serve and guide others. Such an honor to have Mimi on Spirit Moves Podcast. She is a witch in how much she gets accomplished. Mimi does shamanic and dream readings, runs powerful courses and mentorships, has an exquisite skin and aura spray line "Ceremonie", an online magazine called "Unseen", and holds beautiful writing and healing retreats that feed the soul. There is a wisdom, groundedness, and ease that you feel when interacting with Mimi. She leaves a lasting impression, and you are drawn to her work and creations, as they are all an extension of the mystical connection she holds within.

In this episode, we discuss:

* Wu Shamanism and occultism

* Connection to metals and machines

* Wood element & the capability to connect to and talk to plants

* Cultivating a connection with any elements

* The beauty of letting spirit in

* The potent and magical Ceremonie skincare line that holds all of you

* The power of scents: mugworts, patchouli & cedar

* Mimi's vast array of offers

* The Mystery Mentorship Program

* The most important resource; time

* Shamanic readings

* What is chaos magick?

* The power & beauty of fire

* Grounding practices for chaotic times

* What is coming up for Mimi?

Connect with Mimi



Ceremonie Skincare line

Mystery Mentorship