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Spirit Moves

Apr 10, 2022

What a wonderful conversation with a fellow medical intuitive, & just a remarkable human, Julie Ryan, on Spirit Moves Podcast. Julie is not your typical woman, she is a businesswoman, an inventor, a published author, a psychic, and a medical intuitive. She is accomplished and sought after for readings from dead loved ones(including pets), as well as guidance with health issues from people all over the world. Julie will do whatever you need in a session!

Julie has also created 2 teacher trainings; one that she runs quarterly " Angelic Attendant Training" and a self-paced training on the 12 phases of death & talking to spirit. Get ready to be wowed, inspired, and even a little "woo wooed" in this delightful conversation

In this episode, we discuss:

* being a businesswoman, psychic and a human MRI

* Ask Julie Ryan Show

* the impact of being a medical intuitive

* Angelic Attendant Training 

* self-paced training on the 12 phases of death & communicating to spirit

* GIFT for the listeners!!

* advice for challenging times

* power of meditation & breath


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