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Spirit Moves

Dec 14, 2020

In this episode I introduce and discuss my powerful new offering Spirit Moves Intensive. A 6-week immersion where we dig deep, take our power back and move towards transformation and a reclaiming our truth. Registration has opened up today for 6 spots and 1 spot is a  1/2 scholarship, ends December 19. Several spots already taken. The intensive begins on January 10th! It is a pilot offering so the price is 30% off. It will go up for the Spring edition. Book a zoom clarity call or email me, all information at

In this episode I discuss:

* My journey to cultivating Spirit Moves Intensive

* What Spirit Moves consists of

* The healing journey

There will be spring and fall Spirit Moves Intensives, so stay tuned!

Let make 2021 a year where we show  up fully and authentically to all parts of our life, and especially to ourselves.