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Spirit Moves

Dec 20, 2020

This episode is on a topic that is often feared and avoided; vulnerability. I'll be honest, as an ex non-vulnerable person, some of the research and facts hit home.  Have a listen to see if you hide or shield from vulnerability, as we all bring with us experiences and fears that contribute to our behaviors and choices.

In this episode I discuss:

* The definition of vulnerability

* Brene Brown's research on vulnerability and shame

* Our fear of vulnerability

* The common myths of vulnerability

* The shields that we carry to protect ourselves from vulnerability

My hope with this podcast is to bring some awareness and clarity that will help your life for the better. To know that to feel is to live, and that there is nothing greater than living within  your authenticity. where you do not hide or fear showing up as you. In fact you celebrate it. This is indeed inner freedom.