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Spirit Moves

Dec 7, 2020

Alexandria Crow( is a renowned yoga teacher that is highly sought after for her knowledge on yoga alignment, meditation, and philosophy. Her critical thinking skills, research-based knowledge, and personal experiences within her own yoga practice have given her a solid foundation for thought provoking discussion questions. Alex is known for asking the difficult questions on the what's, why's and how's of the physical practice and the industry as a whole. She dedicates her time to assisting yoga teachers and students to gain greater clarity and knowledge that will aid both themselves and the students they teach. Alex also has a powerful presence on Instagram (alexandriacrowyoga) with her "Food for Thought" and "Conversation Starters" that enables the community to feel safe in engaging in conversations that are thought about but rarely spoken. 

Alex is the founder of Yoga Physics and creates virtual courses like Deconstruct to Reconstruct, as well as 300 hour teacher intensives.

In this episode, we discuss

* Does yoga really ease anxiety?

* How moving into discomfort on the mat will help us off the mat

* Inclusivity within the yoga community

* Accessibility of the classes for everyone

* Measuring self-worth on the mat

* Doing vs being